Thursday, May 20, 2004

Forty-eight Catholic congressmen have written a letter to church complaining that the refusal of offer communion to baby killing congressmen will bring back the days of anti-catholic bigotry. All forty-eight congressmen belong to the anti-religious democratic party, by the way.

Well, this born and bred Southern Baptist promises that he, for one, will not engage in anti-Catholic bigotry because of the abortion issue. I applaud the church for standing up for its beliefs and say it is about time it asked its politicians to do the same.

I say this with some sense of shame, as Southern Baptists never gave Bill Clinton the boot. But at least we are supposed to be non-creedal and the Catholics aren't. (I don't really know how you can be non-creedal, but that is another post and lots more duct tape for my exploding head)

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