Saturday, May 01, 2004

MAYDAY. The European Union added 10 members to bring the total to 23. The Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia, Cyprus and Malta all joined. The EU has accomplished by economics what the Russians accomplished by force: a unified Europe. Members may travel freely between countries, spend the same money, feel "European" rather than, say, Czech, and observe rules made and ignored by Germany and France. The combined population and economic strength is roughly that of the United States, and they don't spend much money on the military, so there should be plenty of goose liver for everyone.

I will be interested to see if the EU ever squares off with the Muslims. Arabs have not been able to unite in a great Pan Arab state despite the dreamers such as Nassar and the schemers such as Hussein. But, Arabs have left the promise land in large numbers for the EU nations. They move for money and the move for evangelization. They do not move to become European. Much of Europe, and likewise much of the world, has been taken over by Arabs with very little large scale violence. They riot when denied. They beat up Jewish people and deface their houses of worship and grave yards. Mostly, though, they just hang together and demand change, and the Europeans give it to them.

France has awakened to the battle. The government has engaged the Muslims on some fronts, such as the head gear issue. But largely, it is unknown if the EU governments, or the EU will stand up to the Muslims and demand the continuation of Europe for the Europeans, a largely secular, somewhat Catholic, liberal society. Or will they be eaten alive by conservative, agressive, xenophic Arabs.

Canada, in contrast, will be eaten alive without a fight, I think. Ontario now allows Muslims to settle disputes between them under Sharia law. Canada has no strong Christian base to defend. I think they will fold like a cheap card table. But no one ever accused me of being optimistic.

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