Wednesday, May 19, 2004

QUEER QUOTA. There is a homosexual quota at the Democratic National Convention in July. Fifteen states have goals for the number of homosexuals in their delegations. California set its goal at homosexual men and 22 lesbians. Does this mean they are separate, but equal?

Maine Democrats want 3. If they cannot get three, they are willing to accept bisexuals and transgendered substitutes.

It is pretty funny to accept bisexuals as a distinct group. Bisexuals are basically people who will have sex with anyone. So, because you are really promiscuous, you get a quota seat in the delegation for the Democratic convention? What if you are polyamorous, meaning you do it with lots of people? What about, oh never mind, you get the point. Maybe the bisexuals could wear a shirt that says "I'm a slut. I vote Democrat."

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