Friday, May 21, 2004

SUCKING AIR AT AIR AMERICA. Have you heard much about how Air America is doing? Remember that Air America is the great liberal effort to launch a radio network to counter the conservative talk radio shows that are dominant. Anyone but a Democrat would know this is a bad idea. Conservative radio came about because of liberal television, and conservatives keep it in demand. Of course, liberals do not care about realities in the market place. Only this time, the government will not bail them out. This is not NPR.

The mainstream television media hyped the beginning, carrying stories and statements from guys like Al Gore and that comedian fellow about how they would take over the air. Well, where are they now and what stories do we see or hear?

Where they are is down and close to out (allow time here for conservative gloating and ringing choruses of "I told you so".)

After two weeks of operation, they went off the air in Chicago and Los Angeles. In two more weeks, the CEO left. Then one of the co-founders left. Mr. Rogers says "can you say rats off a sinking ship?"

The network then fired around 20 people to kill off its sales offices in Chicago and Los Angeles. I would classify both of those as good liberal markets (if such exists).

In contradiction to good liberal standards, the network never enrolled its Chicago staff in their health insurance plan. Folks, they were uninsured because their employers left them out in the cold to suffer! Talk about cold hearted! Cold hearted liberals!

How many headlines have you seen about that?

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