Wednesday, May 19, 2004

THOUGHTS OF EVANGELISM I. Our mandate for world evangelization is the whole Bible.

It is to be found in the creation of God (because of which all human beings are responsible to him),

in the character of God (as outgoing, loving, compassionate, not willing that any should perish, desiring that all should come to

in the promises of God (that all nations will
be blessed through Abraham's seed and will become the
Messiah's inheritance),

in the Christ of God (now exalted with universal authority, to receive universal acclaim),

in the Spirit of God (who convicts of sin, witnesses to
Christ, and impels the church to evangelize)

and in the church of God (which is a multinational, missionary
community, under orders to evangelize until Christ

From John Stott's 'The Bible in World Evangelization', in
"Perspectives on the World Christian Movement", ed. R. D.
Winter and S. C. Hawthorne (Pasadena: William Carey
Library, 1981), p. 4.
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