Friday, July 16, 2004

BUT I DON'T LOOK GOOD IN STRIPES. Martha Stewart received a sentence for jail time and her stock went UP in price!  Does that mean the market thinks the company will do better without her?  It probably means people are happy she is not going away for the full 16 months of her sentence.  I wonder if she will work in the kitchen?
I hope she likes younger women.  The median age at Danbury is less than half her own.  Over half of the inmates are in for drug offenses.  Martha might not fit in. 
She will undoubtedly be the target of a lot of teasing and gratuitous commentary.  I have a feeling Martha is pretty tough, however. Even in homemaking, one does not usually become a huge success without being tough.
I would not want to trade 5 months of my life for prison at any age, but certainly not at 62.  However, she could put the time to good use.  For one thing, you know there is a book in there somewhere.  With her celebrity, a court case, and a little jail time, she could write one of two books on this and be guaranteed best sellers.
I know, let's have a contest.  Name Martha's Book!  Enter as often as you like. Here are my first entries: (1) From Securities Fraud To Minimum Security; (2) Jail: It's Not A Good Thing.
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