Monday, July 26, 2004

I'M BAAAACK!  After a week in the Rockies, I am back in Cowtown.  I went to some trouble to program the blog and the Blackberry Wireless so that I could blog on the road.  I discovered, however, that no area had service after I left the Metroplex except Pueblo, Colorado.  What a disappointment that was. 

Worse, however, it was for the Little Woman.  She had to listen to my opinions on everything, as I had no other outlet.  It must have been bad; she left to go out of town this morning. 

The poor dog thinks she hates him.  He really only loves her.  When we return to the house, he runs right by me and jumps on her.  After being in the kennel for a week, I'm sure he thought, Oh boy, quality time with Mom, hey, wait, where are you going?  You're not leaving me with him, are you?  But, that's ok, 'cause that is what I was thinking, too.
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