Wednesday, July 28, 2004

LIVING THE AMERICAN DREAM.  This is from the Texas Bar Journal, July 2004.
"My background is that I come from an immigrant family and am the first lawyer in my family.  I graduated from the University of California at Hastings Law School with honors and worked at a large Silicon Valley law firm focusing on corporate and securities law.  I then went to New York University for a masters of law in taxation and came to work at Cox & Smith in San Antonio to practice corporate tax law."  This is from Sanjeev Ayyar, the high scorer on the February 2004 bar exam in Texas.  My grandmother used to tell me, work hard and get a good education.  That has been the "mantra" of upwardly mobile poor Americans for decades.
The formula still works.  Congratulations Sanjeev.  Welcome to Texas.
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