Saturday, July 03, 2004

TRAVEL NEWS. I am on the road! I actually took two days off, which scared everyone at work. The Little Woman and I went to help the College Daughter move into a house with some friends. We rented a Tahoe and took a recliner from my mother's house. The College Daugher has painted her room and her friends have helped furnish the house. They look very domestic and decorated. If this were college guys, it would be bean bag chairs and dirty underwear for the decor.

We then drove 8 hours up to the home of the Oldest Daughter. She is gone for the summer singing in musicals, but my favorite son in law put us up for the night. Yes, we managed to find a Starbucks, although it took me until 10 o'clock to do it.

Today, we are taking the son in law to breakfast, then heading 2 hours east into Arkansas to pick up the Baby from drum major camp at the University of Arkansas. We will see the awards ceremony, then drive 8 hours back home.

So you couldn't exactly call this a vacation. But, at least the car has windows. The office does not. I do kind of miss the psych patients being brought into the hospital by my office, screaming.
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