Tuesday, August 24, 2004

JOHN KERRY: SHOOTING YOURSELF IN THE FOOT. Kerry's campaign now says his "First Purple Heart" may have come from an "unintentionally" self inflicted wound. If that is true, John, you gotta send it back. Plus, you have to wonder if it was unintentional. A common practice for guys who wanted to go home from Vietnam was to shoot themselves in the foot with a pistol. That is bad enough. But those guys didn't accept Purple Hearts for it.

The bigger shot to the foot might be Kerry's decision to tout his record in Vietnam to begin with. I guess he felt it necessary to combat the President's image as a decisive commander in chief for the Iraq war. Since most of the Far Left opposed the war and really are stuck in a time warp that keeps them from knowing this is not the 60s and Iraq is not Vietnam, it is amazing he would adopt such a strategy. It is further amazing that he thought 4 months in Vietnam worth touting as a make or break qualification. But it is truly astonishing that he thought he could pull that off knowing he was lying about his record.

It was not uncommon for rich boys to get special passes for Vietnam. If they went, they got special assignments. That was especially true for the sons of politicians. Remember Al Gore, who spent the war as a "reporter", kept out of harm's way?

Kerry's service is even more pathetic in its own way, for it is obvious that he, or his family, tried to duplicate the service of the first JFK. Whereas Kennedy was a PT boat captain, and hurt his back in service, Kerry had to become a boat captain also and get injured. Give us a break!

On top of that, Kerry had to lie about being under fire, when his own diary says he did not come under fire at that time.

I suggest that Kerry hire Three Dog Night to join the rock tour supporting him, so they can open the concert with "Liar!"

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