Thursday, August 05, 2004

ROSE FROM THE ASHES. Guess who is out of jail and looking for love? Mary Kay Letourneau, the sixth grade school teacher who had a sexual relationship with one of her students is out of prison. She has served seven and a half years for child rape. Letourneau has two children by the young man. He, by the way, is now 21.

Letourneau is not exactly repentant or, in correctional terms, rehabilitated. She said “We had a beautiful relationship, and I value it for what it was.” She was 34 and he was 12. She was originally only sentenced to six months for second-degree child rape and ordered to stay away the young man. She was pregnant at the time with his first child. A month later, she sex with him in her car. She was then sentenced to 7½ years. Talk about looking for love in all the wrong places. She had the second daughter in prison.

A friend of Letourneau says she wants to be a responsible member of society. I have a suggestion where she could start. Move far away and do not let this kid know where you live! It is a condition of her release that she cannot contact the young man. We’ll take votes in the comments as to how many of you think she will obey that restriction. For his part, the young man said he would like to reunite with Letourneau. I wonder why? Letourneau said their love is eternal and endless. I think there was a song and movie about that and somebody ended up getting burned.

I can’t wait to see how Letourneau explains to her two daughters who their father is and how this happened. The cries of “Ewww, gross!” will be heard for miles. Letourneau, by the way, has four older children in Alaska thankfully living with her ex-husband. How would you like to be them? A friend has described the children as feeling “enormous pain”.

Somehow I doubt either this awfully messed up woman or this hormonal young man will care much about how much pain anyone else is in.
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