Monday, September 27, 2004

AIR TRAVEL. I just got back from the State Capitol, having flown down for a meeting with the Texas Department of Insurance. Austin is just far away enough to be a hassle. It is a long day to drive, but I am not sure flying is better. It took me one and a half hours to get to the airport during rush hour (that is half way to Austin driving, plus you can stop at Starbucks in Waco). I had to take off my suit coat and shoes to get through security.

On the way back, I had to literally run throught the airport to make the plane as they were closing the door. Security is less strict in Austin. Then, the return flight came to a different terminal than I left from, so I had to take the train thing to my terminal. I ended up next to a guy that would have been a natural for a horror movie. And, he decided to talk to me all the way. He had this strange, stretched skin, and protruding teeth, just like a horror actor. I was trying hard to be polite, but I kept thinking, is this guy going to kill me and stuff my body with old Fort Worth newspapers and mount me in his smelly apartment?

Finally, the train creeped into my terminal, then I had to walk for two miles to my car.

The meeting lasted an hour.
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