Friday, September 10, 2004

CHANGING HORSES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREAM. The Democratic strategist who is John Kerry's closest adviser is Bob Shrum. This is an interesting choice. He is referred to by others in the business of having "The Curse". This refers Shrum's career of losing presidential campaigns. He has lost seven beginning with George McGovern and continuing to Al Gore. And, maybe, John Kerry will make eight.
Mr. Kerry is now down nine points leading Bush for much of the summer. This is despite continued fighting in Iraq and his party’s convention. His campaign is now compared to Al Gore’s.

This has got to make you worry about Mr. Kerry’s judgment. Why would you pick a guy with no wins and seven losses. It reminds me of the pitchers the Texas Rangers used to hire. I think their idea was, sure he never wins, but he was cheap.

It turns out former president Clinton has criticized the campaign, as has his former adviser James Carville. Kerry has responded by hiring several "Clintonistas" to help. I wonder what that will be like. Will Kerry start to "feel our pain"? Will he start having sex with his interns and campaign workers? Will he go on TV and angrily deny that there was anything wrong with this Vietnam, ah, service?

Kerry faces a risk here. If he switches horses, will that switch the message yet again? How many flip flops can he execute without executing himself? Clinton certainly flip flopped during his campaign. But, if I can borrow a line from a snide Lloyd Bentson, "I knew Mr. Clinton, and, Mr. Kerry, you are no Clinton."
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