Friday, September 03, 2004

GALLANTLY STREAMING. Writing the Star Spangled Banner was not the only thing Francis Scott Key did by the dawn's early light. He also taught Sunday School. In fact, he was a leader in establishing the Sunday School movement. If you grew up Baptist, you probably think Sunday School has been around since the Disciples. Actually, it is, in historical terms, fairly recent. At least I think "fairly recent" is a historical term.

Key helped found the American Sunday School Union in 1824. So, I guess you can blame him for having to get up an hour early on Sunday. He was also part of the Mississippi Valley Enterprise, that sought to establish a Sunday school in every town in the Mississippi Valley. They did it, although it took 50 years and they thought it would take two. Is that what they mean by perserverance of the saints?

To top it all off, Key was elected to the Sunday School Hall of Fame.

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