Monday, September 06, 2004

MORE BAD NEWS FOR KERRY. In addition to Time and Newsweek reporting polls showing the President ahead as much as 11 points, the President's approval rating in 52-53 percent, the highest since January. Despite Democratic claims to not care about this, Kerry is shaking up his campaign staff and bringing in former Clinton team members. The biggest problem there is, Kerry does not have the Clinton charisma. Clinton was the everyman, a small town kid made good. When he said he could feel you pain, you could believe him if you wanted to. Kerry, however, is the son of wealth and privilege trying to claim he cares about the common man. It is a harder sell.

Kerry has at least realized the Dean mistake: you cannot run by opposing policies supported by the majority. Duh. But Kerry has problems harping on the economy, too. He complains of the lack of jobs, but the national unemployment rate is 5.4%. In the past, that has been considered close to full employment. Six percent was a favored rate, as it meant inflation was less likely.

Kerry's idea to adding taxes to the top two percent is also seriously flawed. There are not enough of them to add significant revenue. That is why the call them 2%.

Oh yes. The magazines also reported that 52% of people polled wanted the President re-elected.

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