Sunday, September 26, 2004

THE POPE HAS A BEAM IN HIS EYE. The Pope has condemned the imbalance between rich and poor and backs the United Nations effort to end poverty, including international taxes. Communistic, but you know, you expect the Pope to advocate for the poor and hungry even if the ideas are bad. The fun part is, he made the announcement from his "summer castle"! Heh heh.

Raise you hands, now. How many of you have a summer castle?

I think the Pope might read that teaching of Jesus about taking the beam out of your eye before criticizing the splinter in someone elses's. The Catholic Church has huge riches, including zillions of dollars of real estate, art, antiquities, and plain old money. Even after it pays the judgments for all the child sexual abuse committed by its priests, it will still have millions upon millions.

Here is a thought. We'll call him the Rich Old Ruler and advise him to sell all the church has and give it to the poor, and then follow Christ. And then we'll listen to him talk about how to end poverty.

Remember the story of the young priest who first saw all the riches of the Vatican, and said "I guess we can no longer say with Peter,' silver or gold have I none'." And the older priest said "Yes, but neither can we say' rise up and walk.' "

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