Monday, October 18, 2004

MONDAY MONDAY, SO GOOD TO ME. Three out of four polls show the President leading Mr. Kerry. Gallup shows President Bush leading with 52%, Kerry with 44%, and Nader with 1%. Way to hang in there Ralph. (You know, if was really sharp, he'd tour the country in a vintage Corvair to campaign. You have to be about 50 to understand that joke unless you are a real student of history.)

Newsweek (yes that magazine that said they would swing the election to Kerry) shows the President with 50% of likely voters to Kerry's 44%. No word on where the other 6% went.

ABC shows the Preident leading 50% to 46%. Isn't it interesting how close these polls are to each other in results? In contrast, Zogby shows the candidates deadlocked at 45%.

In Florida, a state up for grabs, the Latino Coalition shows that Florida's Hispanic voters prefer the President 63% to 29%.
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