Thursday, January 13, 2005

NAHSON'S LEAP. Well, maybe it wasn't Nahson's leap, but I did go to the opera, and a modern opera at that. I had coffee last night with Opera Boy and his Lovely Fiance. He reminded me that I owed him a review.

The opera was Little Women. It was quite good. I had a bit of adjustment at the beginning. The music was not as melodic as the classic operas. There was also a little difficulty hearing the singers when they were in the attic part of the set.

The soprano, playing the part of Jo, was very good both in singing and acting. The baritone was amazing, really, with great range and tone. All the leads were good.

The second half of the show, after intermission, was really good. There was great emotion. The death scene was dramatic, Jo's suffering palpable, and the scene of the sisters gathered in the attic as if they were still children was a heartbreaker. When they all sat, holding each other and singing without instruments, it was just perfect: beautiful and heart rending at the same time.

Opera Boy also acquitted himself well. He played the publisher who buys Jo's books and showed good presence and good voice both. Well done. A few bravos came from behind me when he finished. We yelled "Yea B..." instead.

Good show.

(BTW: in Jewish tradition, Nahson was the first one into the Red Sea after Moses parted it.)
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