Friday, January 07, 2005

NOT SO LITTLE WOMEN. I am going to the opera tonight at the Bass Hall. We are seeing "Little Women". We are seeing Little Women because Poor Boy is in it. I do not know why he is in it, because he is neither little nor a woman. I wonder which one he is going to play.

I read the book. I saw the movie with Winona Rider. Well, I didn't go with her to the movie, she was in it. This was before she was arrested for shoplifting. She didn't steal anything in the movie, either. She might have stolen the show, actually, as she was the best actress in it. Susan Sarandon was there. She did not make any political speeches with Tom Robbins. Tom was not in the movie. They decided one whiney Democrat was enough. So, I will know what is going on.

They should do it in Italian, though. Opera always sounds better in Italian. In English, you can tell when the lyrics are stupid. I saw Carmen once in English. The lyrics were stupid. People laughed. Of course, it was Lubbock.

I don't want you to think I'm not cultured, but I did spend a lot of time growing up in West Texas. I guess that is OK, because Poor Boy is from New Mexico. And here we are both at the opera. Who'd a thunk it.

To prove how multi-cultured we are, we are eating Chinese food first.

Poor Boy is pretty much multi-cultured all by himself. He spent a summer in Italy and can say "Italian foof" without a long "i" at the beginning. Then, to top it all off, he went to school in New York City, the capital of multi-culturalism, if you don't count the Texas border.

So, tell Poor Boy to break a leg (that's opera talk) and I'll give you a review later.
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