Monday, January 24, 2005

TODAY IN THE NEWS. This makes it pretty clear. Abu Musab al-Zarqarwi, the leading terrorist in Iraq and friend of al Qaeda said “We have declared a bitter war against the principle of democracy and all those who seek to enact it. Those who vote are infidels.” Just in case you were wondering, he makes it clear that it is not just the United States that is a problem for radical Muslims, it is the very principle of democracy. Letting people decide for themselves upsets the Muslim applecart of dominating Mullahs allied with terrorists and dictators to control the minds and actions of the millions of Muslims on the planet.

Daniel Pipes points out to us that it is cold comfort to say that only the radical element in Islam favors Jihad. This element makes up about ten percent of Muslims worldwide. That means about 100 million Muslims support Jihad against the western nations. Sleep well tonight, my friend.

Speaking of terrorism, the son of U.S. Representative Gwen Moore from Wisconsin was arrested along with five other Democratic activists for slashing tires on vans rented by Republicans for use in the in November. If you are worried about the vote, keep people from voting. Detractors to the democratic process exist both in Iraq and in America. There are always those willing to take away your freedom in order to win your cause. Some are Muslims, some are Democratic activists.

Speaking of those who impede the democratic process in Iraq, French President Jacques Chirac will have dinner with newly re-elected President Bush while our president is on a European trip next month. Rumor has it President Bush wanted to try a French Dip. It is said that President Bush plans to begin his second term repairing relationships damaged in his first term. I guess that means he won’t start the meal with a toast saying “Nah nah nah nah nah, I won again.” He won’t have to. Chirac will be thinking it all during the meal. The main course might be crow.
Bush and Chirac will have a working dinner in Brussels the day before meetings with the European Union, otherwise known as the Brussels’ Sprouts. I think it would give me indigestion.

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