Friday, February 11, 2005

DEATH OF A PLAYWRIGHT. Arthur Miller died today. Miller was a genius as a playwright, winning the Pulitzer Prize for the classic, Death of a Salesman, when he was only 33. He wrote it in 6 weeks. He is known to many for marrying Marilyn Monroe, but he was truly a great writer. He also penned The Crucible and many other plays. (He wrote the screen play for "The Misfits", Monroe's last movie, oddly enough. To further complicate their history, she committed suicide the year he remarried.)

Miller had the power. You can feel it when you read his work. He was one of the great ones. You always felt the emotions of is characters, especially desperation.

The great thing about being a great writer is you leave great work behind. While the rest of us fade from memory, the Millers, the Salingers, and the Updikes all leave behind at least one great book for the following generations.

I'm not going to leave behind a great book. I don't really think I will ever get a book written, although I have waned to. I am happy to know I am leaving behind three great works, however: three great daughters. I cannot take credit for all they are, but my work is in them and they are my legacy. They are all smart, beautiful, talented and spiritual. That is a pretty good life's work, if I say so myself.
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