Monday, February 14, 2005

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY. (No, I'm not writing anything derogatory about celebrating VD.) Happy Valentine's to the Little Woman, the love of my life, who has kept me company for over 30 years and seems to want to continue. She works tonight, so we celebrated early, going to a Texas Cuisine restaurant named Bonnell's for upscale Texana. It was a great feed. I gave her a new outfit from Anne Taylor and a mushy card that made her cry. (I rate them by that factor, btw.) I also sent her flowers. It was fun.

Today she surprised me by sending me flowers to the office. I came back from a 2 hour meeting to find them. It was a nice surprise. Now I have them and they poinsettia plant I have kept alive since Christmas. She also gave me low carb chocolate. Hoo Wa.

Tonight, restaurants will be full as couples flock to celebrate love. The women will wear red and hope for flowers and presents and the attention of their significant other. Most men will hope they get it right and do not disappoint and, probably, that they get rewarded for it. Most men are very practical about love.

Yes, I made it to Starbucks after dinner.

However, you'll be shocked to know, I did not get to Starbucks on Saturday or Sunday, because we had people over for dinner who stayed late.

Special note to the College Daughter: Rock came over Sunday night wearing a "do rag". It seems that his young son sent to the dollar store to buy Christmas presents. He bought his father the do rag and his mother a bobble head doll of a well endowed woman with a place to put a picture of his mother on the head. I kiddeth not.

In the best picture of appropriate gifts, the Baby gave Tall Boy books and Tall Boy gave the Baby chocolate.

So, love it up, folks. It's the day for it. While you're standing in line at the restaurant, I'll be watching "24", drinking the largest Starbucks latte available, and eating low carb chocolate. We all celebrate in our own way.
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