Thursday, March 24, 2005

IT'S ALL OVER BUT THE CRYING. It appears that all hope for Terri Schiavo's life is extinguished. The Supreme Court will not hear the case. Almost a week has gone by. Terri is dehydrated and starving, and we can expect her to die any day.

Many will be glad. Some people are tired of hearing about it. They do not want to face the implications. It is an inconvenience. Michael Schiavo will be glad. He can take the money, marry his girl friend, legitimize his children, and know he won the battle against his inlaws. He does not care that his inlaws will forever grieve this loss and worry about how much their daughter suffered.

Many will be sad. Terri's parents must be crushed. I cannot imagine what it would feel like to watch someone starve your daughter to death. I am truly afraid I would kill someone if I were in the Schindler's shoes. I admire them for suffering without retaliating. They have evidenced Christian character.

Disabled people across America must be afraid and horrified, and they should be. If you are disabled, you should get to an attorney and execute an affidavit that says what kind of care you want in all circumstances. And anyone who values human life and respects the creator of it should wake up and realize most people in America do not do either if it is inconvenient.
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