Thursday, March 31, 2005

TERRORISM COMES TO TEXAS. State Rep Phil King from Weatherford has received letters that purport to contain Anthrax. The letter threatens King and his family if King continues to push his bill to deregulate the telecommunications industry in Texas. I'm guessing the writer is not a Libertarian. The letters contain a white powder and say "hope you enjoy the Anthrax".

The letters were mailed right there in Cereal City, our beloved state capitol. The sender also had some trouble figuring out where to send the letters. Another guy in Weatherford also got one of the letters. His name is also Phil King. I guess the guy just wanted to make sure he got all the possible Phil Kings.

What is it, besides mental illness, that causes someone to go from political opposition to terrorism? It is always hard to be in the minority politically, but these Little Hitlers insist on using violence to bend the will of their foes. That is a lot to invest in your feelings about your telephone bill, even in Austin.
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