Thursday, April 21, 2005

THE BIBLE CODES ARE SPREADING! They have now spread to the Koran. An Islamic scholar claims America will be destroyed by a tsunami in 2007. How does he know? BIBLE CODES, OF COURSE!!

He counted verses in the Koran, finding that America will only endure for 231 years. He read several suras he thinks speak of America's sins. (Remember America was not around when Mohammed wrote the Koran.) He reached the numbers 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was signed and 231. Add those two numbers and you get 2007.

I think he threw in the tsunami because it has been in the news.

I wonder if they will have him on TBN? It would be a picture, wouldn't it. On the left, you would have the Muslim scholar in robes and head dress. In the right would be Jan Crouch with a huge pink wig, long white lace dress, clutching her handkerchief. In the middle would be Paul Crouch with his cowboy suit, white hair, and reading glasses.

Actually, I think he made a mistake. I think he should have subtracted 231 from 1776, which gives you 1545, the year the Scots, under Sir Walter Scott, defeated Henry VII's English forces at the battle of Ancrum Moor, meaning that Scotland is the promised land and the Scots are special! Yeah! My McTavish ancestors would be proud.
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