Thursday, April 28, 2005

CAREER SUICIDE. It is always interesting to watch someone commit career suicide. One such man is Sen. Ken Salazar, a Democrat from Colorado. In a television interview, Salazar called “Focus On The Family” the Antichrist.

Salazar is smarting over criticism that flip-flopped over the filibuster issue. He probably thought flip-flopping was what Democrats do, so why should he be criticized?

Initially, Salazar supported an up or down vote on judicial nominees. He gave an interview last November, so his position was recorded in a newspaper. Now, the party has gotten him in line and he opposes it and supports the filibuster. FOTF has taken to pointing that out. I guess, if you oppose a senator who wants to flip flop, you are the Antichrist. Does that mean Salazar thinks he is Christ?

As you might imagine, the Antichrist comment has Salazar in more hot water. So, what does he do about it? Remember, he is a Democrat. He flip flops again, saying he did not mean to say that, he meant to say they were “un-Christian” because they were self serving and selfish (and I guess all the other “self” words you can think of).

FOTF has dismissed Salazar's "antichrist" comment as "overheated rhetoric." That is really a very mild response. They could at least have called him “the devil incarnate” or “Satan’s handmaiden” or a vascillating syncophant, or something. It is boring to take the high road sometimes.

The career suicide comes in this manner. FOTF is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Therefore, everyone that works there gets to vote when Salazar runs again. In addition, numerous other Christian organizations have moved to Colorado Springs. They all love FOTF. Salazar better trade the flip flops for track shoes. He will need them.
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