Monday, April 25, 2005

DRAWING A BLANK. This is weird. When I go to blogspot to see the blog, I get nothing but a blank screen. (This happens when I teach our Bible class sometimes also.) But, when I go to Blogger I can post. Can anyone else actually see the blog?

All posts on the blog are forwarded to my email. I was trying to figure out what Levi said that made ChelleBelle think he was calling me a liberal. But, alas, I cannot figure it out without seeing the blog.

But, I don't think Levi sees me as a liberal. About the only thing liberal about me is that I try to liberally apply scripture to all parts of life. And I try to give myself to people liberally. I don't succeed at that terribly well, but I try.

Levi, I had hoped to see you at Starbucks last night. I actually went and did not see anyone I know.

More blogging later.
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