Wednesday, April 13, 2005

MY HOME AWAY FROM HOME. On my nightly jaunt to Starbucks last night, I made some new friends. (This is a good thing, for I often wear out the old ones.) I met Tim Presson, who is the new pastor of the new church known as Christ the Redeemer Baptist Church. This is a new congregation that my good friend, David Jacks, helped to start. It is unique in that the church espouses the Doctrines of Grace (Calvinism to you who are uninitiated.) David owns a unique bookstore in Fort Worth called Theological Pursuits .

I am most anxious to see how this church will fare and have been praying for it, and David, for some time. I also pray for David's wife, Millie, who is also part of this venture. They have both been attending my Sunday School class and have been very supportive while I taught Romans 9 through 11.

I have also been praying for Tim, although I had not met him. Now I have a face to go with the prayer request. The new church will begin meeting in the Marty Leonard Chapel at Lena Pope Home if you ar interested.

I also met Levi Baird, who posted a comment on yesterday's post. I met Levi a few years ago when he showed up to go to Camp Travis. All the girls were quite interested in him. Levi told me he is attending Criswell College and is a Calvinist also. It makes me wonder what is going on over there, as anothe young friend, Josh, is also there and is also a Calvinist. I think it is a movement. As you might imagine, we all were immediately engaged in a theological discussion. As reader and friend, Mel, says: it's all theology, all the time.

So, over an hour later, we left and the evening was over. It was quite fun and I look forward to more conversations with these new friends.
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