Tuesday, April 05, 2005

WELCOME BACK WELCOME BACK WELCOME BACK. No, I have not been on vacation. The home computer broke again (and work has been too busy for blogging). The hard drive crashed. I was smart enough to diagnose it and smart enough to call Mike to help. He is such a good friend he installed a new one for me, recovered my old files, and installed them on the new hard drive. Thanks, Mike.

This weekend was too wild to blog anyway. The Little Woman hosted a wedding shower for Suzanne the Doctor on Saturday morning. I set up the rented tables and chairs, moved the living furniture to other rooms, and "traipsed" to the florist to pick up a corsage.

The college daughter came to town and we drove, together with friend Bill Latham, to Glen Rose and the Riverbend Camp to speak at the "Godly Guy, Godly Girl Conference". We stopped in Glen Rose and ate lunch at the Two Grandmas Cafe. Bill and I share a love of cafe food. The College Daughter spied a Pie Kitchen across the stree, so we went over there and supported the local economy. Sacrificing for the less fortunate is important. I had chocolate.

At the conference, the guys were definitely divided into the A group and the B group. Oddly, the B group was largely the older guys. They had sneaked out and gone to the river, where they build a makeshift raft and tried the Tom Sawyer thing. When the sponsors retrieved them, they were hot and muddy. They really were not up for listening to an hour talk on integrity, followed by an hour talk on holiness. I'm not sure why you would sign up for a retreat that promises to be as spiritually rigorous as this one if you were not intent on using it to grow, but there you have it.

The A group had mostly younger guys, although the Baby's boyfriend, Tall Boy, was there. They were well behaved, attentive, and pretty perceptive. Yes, Mel, your son was in this group and he was quite perceptive. I am excited to watch him grow up. I think he will be a leader in the youth group.

After the talks, we drove back home. College Daughter and I ate some wedding shower left overs and talked. She also ate the leftover "trash can" spaghetti I fixed for the Ladies Class Meeting on Thursday. Then she left to return to school. I hauled out the books and worked on my Sunday School lesson all night. The Little Woman was at work. I keeled over sometime around midnight. The next thing I knew, the telephone was ringing. It was the Little Woman asking if I had set the clock forward for Daylight Savings Time. I had not, due to falling into a coma. Thank goodness she called, or I might have missed Sunday School.

I jumped up, got ready, and jetted off to church. We got into a spirited discussion over "revenge" from Romans 12. More about that later. After church, I went to lunch with friends, then back to church, then back into a coma until Monday morning. Whew.

Tomorrow I am off to Houston until Friday night. I hope I can find that internet cafe downtown and blog from there.

I left out the band concert, the color guard performance, work, and some other items that kept me busy, but you get the drift.

More later. Thanks for your patience.
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