Thursday, May 19, 2005

STILL NOT SAFE. The Texas Legislature has not been able to get much done this session, especially regarding the school financing issue. They did manage to find time and consensus, though, to increase their own retirement benefits. To protect themselves from their constituents, they voted on an unrecorded voice vote. This is both cowardly and duplicitous. Since the vote was unanimous in the Senate, you might be able to figure out who voted for it anyway. I did not say they were smart, I said duplicitous.

Just to add insult to injury, the Senate reduced benefits for the Teacher Retirement System.

For comparison, a Senator with 25 years of service can collect a pension of almost $75,000 per year plus health insurance. One teacher with 25 years of service said he receives about $12,000, after paying for health insurance. Oh, and Senators work in Austin about 140 days per year.

No man's life or lands are safe while the Texas Legislature is in session.
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