Thursday, May 26, 2005

UPDATE. In case you wondered, bloggin has been light because working has been heavy. Yesterday I worked from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., almost exclusively on physician contracts with the hospital. We had four contracts going for different medical groups. Each contract is about 40 pages long. At one point we were reviewing several at one time and three different people were making comments at the same time. I finally said, how is it you folks think I alone can write down the comments of 3 people on 3 contracts at 1 time? No one had an answer, so things calmed down a bit.

I got home about 9 p.m. The College Daughter was still there and we watched the Alias finale together. It was just like old times. We turned out all the lights and turned up the sound. It was a good episode with a "bang up" ending.

The Baby was also there, along with her red headed, absent minded girl friend. Unfortunately, Tall Boy was not in attendance. We have to continually remind Red Head of the rule: NO ONE TALKS DURING ALIAS!!! You may only talk during commercials, and then it should be about the show.

Tonight the Baby has a graduation party, thrown by our good friends the Shoemakers. The Baby invited friends and paired them up with coordinated costumes. She even told them all which character the would be and made them get costumes. Where did she get this bossiness?

The Baby also spoke at "Backstage", the youth gathering on Wednesday night at our church. I wanted to sneak in and hear her, but work kept me tied up too late.

College Daughter went back home today, but will be back Saturday. Yeah. Oh, and I have Monday off for Memorial Day. Double Yeah for me.

So, life continues at its frantic pace. I need grace to survive. Today I thought of the verse in Isaiah that says those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength. That is my prayer ever day. Renew my strength.

Oh, and I also pray God will let me live long enough to pay the bills.
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