Monday, June 13, 2005

CHINA FACTS I. With all the talk about how great China has become and how they are moving into the mainstream, I think I will look for some facts about China to share, as I do not think it is a good place to be. Here are the first ones.

There is no freedom of the press. Zhao Yan of the New York Times' Beijing bureau was arrested last September and has been held without trial ever since. China regularly shuts down access to parts of the Internet and keeps citizens from posting on blogs.

China promotes inaction by the U.N. on Darfur, where a genocide against Christians and other non-Muslims is occuring. China has 4,000 troops in Sudan, protecting its oil interests.

China protects Kim Jong-Il of North Korea and has turned him into an international threat, primarily to irritate the United States and Japan.

How warm and fuzzy do you feel now?

The hero of the Chinese government is Mao, the biggest mass murderer of all time. He killed ten times more people than Hitler.

China is the biggest international thief of copyrights and patents.
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