Thursday, June 16, 2005

DOING IT FOR MONEY. Jennifer Wilbanks, famous runaway bride, is making money off her flight from nuptials at the expense of her fiancé, her town, the police and the American public. She disappeared back in April, making it appear that she was kidnapped while jogging. You can imagine the anguish her parents and fiancé must have felt. People in her town went on searches to find her. The story was carried nationally.

If that was not bad enough, she called the police from New Mexico, claiming that she was abducted and sexually assaulted.

After putting all these people through all this trauma, she will accept a $500,000 deal to tell her story. We already knew she lacked empathy and conscience, now we know she lacks shame.

Prostitution comes in many forms.

Following close on her heals is Mark Felt, a\k\a Deep Throat, and his daughter. Felt ratted out President Nixon to reporters, not for conscience sake, but because he was passed over for promotion. (Felt was also disgraced later in his career with a criminal conviction. It will be interesting to see if the liberal hero worship that this book and movie are bound for will mention the conviction.)

Felt is more profitable than Wilbanks. He is getting $1 million. Since he is 91, one might speculate that his daughter will receive the profit from this secret.

Speaking of lack of character, is it not interesting that, although Bob Woodward protected Felt’s identity all these years, Felt did not even let Woodward break the story?

Money trumps loyalty and gratitude as much as it trumps shame.
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