Monday, June 27, 2005

TRAVEL UPDATE. We have returned from Aggie Land and have been home for the week end. We sent to see Batman Begins on Friday. That was fun. We met the Son-In-Law and his family for dinner Saturday night. His father, affectionately known as Radar, his mom, his brother the band director, and newly pregnant sister-in-law all came and we had a great time. We met at an Outback. The prime rib was yummy.

It was a nice feeling. With the Baby is preparing to leave for college, he College Girl gone most of the summer on various ventures, the Oldest up North performing, and my mother moving to Wichita Falls, to counter the feeling that the family is shrinking by spending time with this part of our extended family.

The only moment of sorrow was when the sister-in-law of the son-in-law told everyone at the table she was the only one there that did not vote for President Bush. We had to have a moment of silence before we could continue. Radar has promised to find a good counselor for her.

We are supposed to be leaving right now to take the College Daughter to the airport. We are just waiting for the Little Woman to get back from her errands so we can go. Then we are going to spend a couple of days running around out of town again.

I'm warming up to this idea of not working.

I here the hotel has wireless, so I will try to keep you informed.
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