Tuesday, July 19, 2005

AND THE REPUBLICANS SHALL LEAD THEM. It is time to stop whining about the President’s No Child Left Behind Act. Math and reading scores have made solid gains. Even the New York Times admits it. Young black students have significantly narrowed the gap between themselves and white students.

In contrast, the NAACP concluded its 96th annual convention with the same old stuff. Chairman Julian Bond said "Our mission has not changed ...We are a social-justice advocacy organization dedicated to ending racial discrimination. That's what we do." The NAACP has a budget of $40 million. I suggest they use it to further the agenda of the No Child Left Behind Act. This Republican president has accomplished in a few years what the NAACP has not been able to do in decades of work.

Such failure to show results has not changed the game plan, however. Bond says "Racial discrimination is a prime reason why the gaps between black and white chances remain so wide. And we believe that to the degree we are able to reduce discrimination and close these race-caused gaps, we will see the lives of our people improve and their prosperity increase." Television ads will not do it, however. Educating kids to perform in society will. The most important factor in earning potential is education. Go to school and you will earn more than if you do not. Earn more and you will live better. Hey, look at the Huxtables.

One of the big factors in educational success is family support. Another good use for that $40 million is strengthening Black families. The proof is in the pudding. No one has a stronger family ethic than Asian American families. They consistently win prizes in science, math and spelling. They often are valedictorians and salutatorians, win scholarships and go to good colleges. Ultimately they get good jobs and make good money and live well.

Living well is the best revenge.

Listen to the President and get yours.
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