Sunday, July 03, 2005

NEWS FROM EUROPISTAN. Oriana Fallaci is a writer. She is an opinionated writer, but well known and celebrated in Europe and in the United States. Fallaci wrote a book called “The Force of Reason”. It is about the fact that Europe is becoming an Islamic state. This is not news to anyone who reads. I have noted before in this space that the number one name for baby boys in Belgium last year was Mohamed. France has faced riots by its Muslim population and recently resorted to banning headscarves in public school to maintain its secular status. So, it is not news, but it is worth discussing. Others think so, too: she has sold over one million copies in Europistan.

It may not be news that Europe is in danger of becoming a suburb of Saudi Arabia, but it is new that you cannot talk about it. But, you can’t, at least legally. Fallaci has been indicted in Italy for writing the book. The Italian Penal Code contains an offense for vilifying any religion. She faces up to 2 years in prison.

Fortunately, Fallaci is living in New York. Unfortunately, she is also over 70 years old, has cancer, and can only take in liquids. So there may be no more trips to Italy for her. Of course, she may not want to return to a country that would indict her for writing a book about a major shift in the demographics, religion, and politics of her continent.

I am proud to say that it was not a prosecutor who brought this shameful charge. Rather, a Muslim activist brought it and it was accepted by a judge in the city of Bergamo. Muslims have already published a pamphlet exhorting Muslims to eliminate Fallaci. Apparently, no one has been charged for this crime. It appears to be acceptable to solicit murder, as long as you do not criticize the victim’s religion.

I like the Italians. They supported us in Iraq. They do not let the French vilify them. So, I implore the Italian government to get up, go to Bergamo, kick that judge off the bench, kick the activist out of town, and show you are a democracy with the right of free speech.

When an Italian was captured in Iraq, he refused to beg for his life. He said he would show them how an Italian dies. I liked that. Please copy that attitude. Stand up to the Muslims and tell them you will show them how an Italian lives. Italians live in freedom and they do not let immigrants tell them how to run their country. They do not hide in fear. Stand up now and end this ridiculous farce of political correctness.

Or, I will add Italy to my list of French places I will not visit.

Let us not forget that, some decades ago, another menace stalked Europe. Much of Europe ignored the threat or tried to appease it and ended up in death camps and gas chambers. You have seen the beheadings, shootings, rapes, beatings, abductions and other cruelties in Iraq and Pakistan. Why would you allow it happen again?
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