Saturday, August 27, 2005

I was critical of TV Evangelist Pat Robertson for saying Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez should be assassinated. I was critical because he should have known it would bring criticism on Christianity, but did it anyway.

It did, of course, give the Main Stream Media another bone to gnaw on, and they chewed with relish. (not the green kind you put on hot dogs, but emotional gusto) So, Pat Robertson was unwise, and probably attention starved, but the MSM, it turns out, was hypocritical. (Pause for you to put your hand over your mouth and exclaim “NOOOO”.)

I say that because George Stephanopoulos, the little guy that was one of President Clinton’s advisors, made the same assertion regarding Saddam Hussein back in 1997 and no one in the MSM howled in protest. Of course, Hussein was more of a fascist than a communist like Chavez and the MSM likes Communists much better, but still, shame on you for the double standard.

Stephanopoulos made his claim right there in liberal Newsweek magazine, in front of the New York Times and everybody. It was even headlined: "Why We Should Kill Saddam."

I guess the MSM did get back at Stephanopoulos. They made a movie about a president that was obviously modeled on Clinton and he had an advisor played by Michael J. Fox. I guess it could have worse, he could have been played by the little guy on Fantasy Island.

Who could they get to play Pat Robertson? I hear they are looking for a contortionist. You know, he can put his foot in his mouth.
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