Tuesday, October 18, 2005

THE ACCIDENT. Here is an account of our accident Sunday night. We went to College Station to attend the Baby's first band concert as a college student. We took the Baby and the College Girl to dinner, then drove home.

After we got to Fort Worth, we exited on Sycamore School Road and headed west toward home. A car came blasting out of a parking lot and hit us on the driver's side toward the back. It spun the car around, with the back end coming around the passenger side. The car drove off without stopping. There is a fairly long mark down the side of the car, meaning he kept contact with us for some time and really pushed us into a spin.

I jerked the steering wheel and corrected the spin, but we were going into the parking lot of a church's fried chicken. I steered around a metal storage pod, but hit a mini van in the back and came to a stop. It was very scary.

We climbed out of the car. It was the Little Woman's new car, and the front end is destroyed. She was in pain and having trouble breathing. A lady called 911 and the ambulance came. They put the Little Woman on a board and put a collar on her neck before taking her off. I declined to go. (I know, I know.) I called the Oldest Daughter and she and the Son-In-Law came to get me. We had the car towed and left for the hospital. To make a long story short, they ran tests on the Little Woman and found no broken bones, just bruising.

So, we are at home and recovering. It will take a few days for the Little Woman to heal up, but we are going to be fine. Thanks to all who have called and come by.
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