Monday, October 10, 2005

The Apocalypse is here. I had a nightmare. Pat Robertson was standing in my bedroom. Only his face was lit. His ears stuck out. His hair bulged on one side, making him look like he had a tumor on this head. He kept saying “the Apocalypse is here”. Over and over.

Maybe he is right. I have never been one to see THE END in every natural disaster. I leave that to Hal Lindsey, the man who is always wrong, but paid well to keep at it. Pat also likes to chime in.

There is a lot going on, isn’t there? We had a Tsunami. We had to learn how to spell it.

Hurricane Katrina struck a major city in a powerful country and reduced it to a mass of finger pointing, ineffectual, corrupt cowards. Hurricane Stan reduced parts of Mexico to a swamp, causing almost 2 million Mexicans to lose their homes or jobs. The price to rebuild is estimated at $28 million. Guatemala is also suffering and has declared some towns a permanent grave yards.

Now we have this earthquake in Pakistan. They say 40,000 people may have died in this 7.6 shaker. 2.5 million may be homeless. Was the same guy running this country that was running New Orleans?

To top it all off, Dallas beat Philadelphia 33-10.

The End Is Near.
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