Monday, October 03, 2005

The Church of England has evidently decided to get into the modern evangelism movement. They do not want to start out at the rear of the movement, however. They have jumped to the front of the fray. No, we are not talking about the garage band service, or the Hawaiian Shirt Preacher, or even open mike night services. No, we are talking underwear. Think of it as The Church Goes Victoria Secret on you.

Ikid you not, as it says in the King James Version. A bishop in the Church if England now acks the message of the book "Open The Door" that advises Christians to spread the message to people by hosting lingerie parties. This is the old argument that the Church must use unconventional methods to attract "church goers" and stop the decline in membership.

The bishop, by the way, is The Rev Jan Harney. She wants Christians to have fun and get to know people before trying to convert them. It reminds me of the Sunday School department I started once from scratch and saw grow to over 50 members based on the old fashioned methods of teaching the Bible. The guy after me said he wanted to teach people that Christians can have fun. Within a few years, the department was down to a few members.

You also have to ask yourself, what kind of church goers would you get from a lingerie party? I don't know if you want people that are that seeker friendly. Couldn't you just invite people over for dinner without showing them your underwear?

Remember the movie "Field of Dreams"? The voice (whose voice was that anyway?) said "if you build it, they will come." Modify it for the Bible a little bit: If you teach it, they will come. When they do, they will hear God's truth and become disciples.

And they won't have a panty fetish.
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