Monday, October 31, 2005


"For a number of years I have now annually read through the Bible twice. If the Bible were a large, mighty tree and all its words were little branches I have tapped at all the branches, eager to know what was there and what it had to offer" Martin Luther, 1533.

488 years ago, Martin Luther nailed his 98 Thesis to the door of the Wittenberg church. We celebrate that now as Reformation Day. “We” meaning everyone who appreciates the importance of the Reformation.

One important thing that resulted from the Reformation was the devotion to the truth and sufficiency of the Bible. When Luther went to seminary as an Augustinian monk, people did not have their own copies of the Bible. He was given one to study at one point. He speculated that it would be great to have one of his own.

Later, Luther translated the Bible into his native language, German. Gutenberg revolutionized printing. The Bible came to the individual believer. There was no turning back.

If Luther could not find it in Scripture, he could not believe it. Neither the Pope nor the King could change his mind. The subsequent Reformers carried this idea forward under the banner of Sola Scriptura.

Luther also put his effort where his ideal was. He did not only say he was devoted to the Scripture. He lived it. The quote above shows us he read the Bible cover to cover twice per year. He did this for ten years. He also taught theology, preached several times per week, wrote books and pamphlets, counseled and served as the spiritual leader of Germany. He was a busy man who did not let his business overrun his study of the Word.

He also said "He who is well acquainted with the text of Scripture is a distinguished theologian. For a Bible passage or text is of more value than the comments of four authors".

Today’s Protestant pulpit is not filled with the dogma of the Roman Catholic Church. Instead, it is invaded by so called personal revelation, pop psychology, sociology and humanism. Many of those whose pulpits are invaded do not recognize it.

You will recognize the difference, however, if you commit to the Word with the same fervor as Martin Luther. You will discern truth and discern what is from God’s word from what is from man’s word. This will not make everyone happy with you, but God will be happy with you, and you will be happy in Him. Luther said "Let the man who would hear God speak, read Holy Scripture".

So, while others are dressing as devils and witches and going door to door for candy, or going to their local church for candy, read your Bible. You could even carry it to the door with you tonight when the kids come. That will probably scare more people than any costume you could wear.

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