Saturday, November 19, 2005

In contrast to the brave Indian Christians facing death and persecution, check out the somewhat more cowardly Canadian Catholics. Only one day prior to the opening of the Canadian National Pro-Life Conference, priests back tracked and refused to let the conference use their facilities because the received threats from pro-abortion and homosexual activists. The decision is not based on police inability to offer adequate protection, according to police officials. Organizers of the conference are scrambling to find another location at such short notice.

Despite the pleas of pro-life leaders to reverse the decision in several meetings today, Father Jean-Pierre Aumont, the rector of the Oratory, was standing firm in his decision. He won’t stand firm against abortion if he gets some flack, but he will stand firm against honoring his commitments.

The news comes as a big and unpleasant surprise to the pro-life movement. Even now, conference speakers and hundreds of attendees are en route to Montreal from all over. They have paid for hotel rooms and travel. They have taken off work.

The conference is sponsored by Campaign Life Coalition and Life Canada.
Jim Hughes, National President of Campaign Life Coalition Canada told, "This decision to cancel the contract at this last minute is a great capitulation on the part of the Catholic church in the face of opposition to its pro-life, pro-family teaching."
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