Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I went to see Fun With Dick And Jane today. Let me take this hit for you. It is not that funny. They were obviously more interested in making a statement about the corruption in corporate America than they were in making a comedy. The movie focuses much more on the troubles of the family than on their mad cap adventures as robbers. I guess you would expect that from a Hollywood that has become saturated with liberal politics to the extent it cannot even see the forest for the trees. The forest in this case being that Hollywood is everything and more than they complain about it corporate America.

The best part was that Alec Baldwin was typecast as a fat blowhard.

If you want to enjoy this movie, go rent the original 1977 movie withe Dick Segall and Jane Fonda. It was much more entertaining, and you already know what Alec is, so you do not need to see the movie to have it reinforeced.
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