Sunday, December 25, 2005

In the middle of the battle for Christmas this year, Congress acted and passed a resolution supporting Christmas. Here is what it said:

Whereas Christmas is a national holiday celebrated on December 25; and
Whereas the Framers intended that the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States would prohibit the establishment of religion, not prohibit any mention of religion or reference to God in civic dialog: Now, therefore be it resolved, that the House of Representatives –
(1) Recognizes the importance of the symbols and traditions of Christmas;
(2) Strongly disapproves of attempts to ban references to Christmas; and
(3) Expresses support for the use of these symbols and traditions, for those who celebrate Christmas.
But note this: 22 Democrats voted against it!

Many have claimed that Christians won the battle, since Congress passed the resolution and several retailers said they would return to the use of “Merry Christmas” next year. However, given that many of our largest churches closed for the day, I wonder if we can claim victory. I think large numbers of our people were not defeated, they just surrendered.
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