Monday, December 05, 2005

Saddam Hussein is supposed to be on trial, but it is hard to tell whether it is a trial or a circus. The head clown has now become Ramsey Clark. Clark was active in prosecuting the Vietnam War. He seems to feel he must atone for that sin by representing and supporting anyone America opposes. He represented Slobodan Milosevic, the Serbian leader responsible for ethnic cleansings and other killings. That qualifies him for this assignment. He is now on the defense team of Saddam Hussein.

Clark’s latest comedy routine has been to walk out on the trial. He then returned after 90 minutes to claim the trial and the court were not legitimate. He also complained that there was not sufficient protection of the safety of the defense team. Hello, Ramsey, this is Iraq. The guy you are defending made sure no one is safe.

Clark also manifests the ability to state the obvious with a great sense of righteousness. He said “this trial can either divide or heal”. How do you say “duh” in Arabic?

Do you also notice how often liberals use the word “heal”? The first witness against Saddam has testified. He testified to how his family was tortured. He also testified to seeing a human shredder. Stories circulated before the war about Saddam and his sons using tree shredders on their victims. I don’t think there will be much healing there, Ramsey.

Clark said the defense attorneys were “heroically here to defend truth and justice". I think Clark is there to defend one of the biggest mass murderers in history.

Clark’s client added to the circus atmosphere by shouting "Long live Iraq! Long live the Arab state." He means “long live Saddam”. His cohort, Barzan, got the message and began shouting "Long live Saddam." I guess he did not think that effective, because then then shouted "Why don't you just execute us and get this over with?" That sounds somewhat contradictory to me, but I am for the latter one.

That other great voice of reason, and sympathizer with corrupt governments because it is one, the U.N., is jumping into the act, with one official stating he was deeply concerned and doubted the proceedings could ever meet international standards. I’m not sure what international standards he is referring to, but, knowing the U.N., I think it is a complaint that he has not been bribed.
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