Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Jim Rutz, writing for Worldnetdaily.com, sets out the top 10 “lost” stories of 2005. Here are the ones that interested me the most.

1. World evangelization.
There are 64 million more Christians now than a year ago.

2. War.
Combat deaths dropped below 20,000, the lowest number since World War II. The number of ongoing wars is down to 18 from 33 in 1990, and most are civil wars rather than wars between nations.

3. U.S. debt.
We have a $333 billion expected deficit for this fiscal year. I'm not sure I agree this was a lost story, but the number is pretty impressive, so I took note.

4. The church.
India had 50,000 new house churches in 2005. China now has a total of almost 120 million Christians, mostly meeting in house churches.

5. Islam.
Islam is losing Africa. In addition, Indonesia, the largest Muslim nation, is now 30 percent Christian. In Bangladesh, 522,000 Muslims have converted.

You can read the whole article here.
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