Thursday, February 09, 2006

Whether or not you stay married may have an affect on your financial stability and that of your children.

How does it affect your financial stability? Married couples retire with average, assets worth two and a half times as much as their single people.”

For children, it is also dramatic.

The majority of children born into single-parent households are born to low-income “twenty-somethings”.

They are 33% of the children born into the total population.

They are 70% of black children.

Only 20% of children whose families make $15,000 live with both parents. In contrast, 92% of children whose families make over $75,000 live with both parents.

Only 10% of the students the top 50 universities came from divorced families.

Stable families build more stable, higher achieving children. Stable families earn more and keep more.
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