Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I'm a Wanted Man. At least, that's what tells me. They send me an email regularly, telling me how many people are looking for me. I'm up to 29. That's about how many people have ever read this blog.

My guess is there are many Larry Thompson's to look for and the 29 include all of them all over the world. I truthfully cannot think of 29 people who would care where I was enough to look. I did live in a lot of places, but I have lived here for 28 years and haven't had 29 phone calls this year. And that counts the 5 calls from the Mexican lady that kept calling my cell phone 2 nights ago and could not understand me saying "sorry, wrong number".

It is interesting, though, how we get older and wonder where someone is and try to find them. "I wonder how old so and so is doing?" We did not care enough to keep track of them, but now we go and look for them. I guess, as we get older, we realize that relationships and friendships really are more important than career ladders, so we try to resurrect them.

If you want to find someone bad enough, you can. I had the urge a few years ago. I had a really good friend in junior high in a small town in which I lived. I found someone who knew where his father lived. I called his father and got my old friend's address. I wrote him. He never replied.

I'm not going to pay Reunion dot com to see if the searches for my name are really for me or some handsome high school friend folks want to reconnect with. But I understand the urge. I think I'll just put more effort into keeping the friends I have.
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