Saturday, May 13, 2006


Paige Patterson has endorsed Ronnie Floyd for president of the SBC, despite calling this method of baptism blasphemy. PP is know for speaking out of both sides of his mouth, making contradictory statements, so that should come as no surprise. It is interesting, though, that he would endorse a man whose church gives less than 1% of its receipts to the cooperative program, since the seminary which PP leads is dependent on CP gifts.

It is also interesting how politics has taken over for prayer. At one time, the president was nominated at the convention, people prayed and voted. Now, the political machine gears up in advance, picks a candidate, and lines up other convention big dogs to endorse him. It is just like secular politics.

So, PP will endorse an inerrantist, even if he is a blasphemous non-supporter of the cooperative program.

My daddy used to say "politics makes strange bed fellows". And Paige and Ronnie are a good example that Daddy was right.
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