Sunday, June 11, 2006

I just got back from church. We met tonight in the youth building, for effect I guess. Two of the four air conditioners were out, so it was hot. We have a lovely sanctuary, but no.

How did the do church in the summer before a/c? It couldn't have left much for the preacher to threaten them with. How much hotter could hell be, after all?

We are really spoiled, aren't we? We want everything to be just right. In contrast, the Engaged Daughter (yes, the one I used to call the College Daughter) went to Rwanda last summer on a mission trip. Many of the Christians there meet outdoors or under an arbor. My mom used to talk about Brush Arbor Baptists, who were too poor for a building, and just built arbors from scrub brush.

Yet, people came and were converted, and church members came and worshipped. Often, we come and don't worship, despite air conditioning, rehearsed music, water fountains and seat cushions.

The fact is, the one who really wants to worship - will. He or she will worship wherever they are whenever they feel they should. Paul and Silas worshipped in prison, as do thousands across the world every day. People worship in homes, in fields, in sick beds and wherever they find themselves.

Those who don't want to worship - don't. It doesn't matter how comfortable the setting, how good the music or whether you serve designer coffee.

Worship comes from the one who loves God and knows him. Nothing else works.
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